About AXA Philippines

AXA Philippines is one of the largest and fastest-growing insurance companies in the country, offering financial security to close to 2 million individuals through its group and individual life insurance as well as general insurance products.

Coach J is your needs discovery coach

Joseph Santiago or Coach J is a licensed financial advisor of AXA who has been helping clients take that step in achieving their financial goals.

Start discussing with Coach J and let him help you find the best insurance products.

AXA Products

Savings and Investments

Start the habit of saving. The earlier you start, the more funds you will have for your future goals.

Explore your options with us. We offer different solutions depending on your financial situation, risk preference, and investment horizon.

Products: MyLife Choice Goal, Asset Master, Goal Getter, Retire Smart, Life BasiX, Life BasiX Plus


Motor Car Insurance provides protection against losses and liabilities arising from road and motor vehicular accidents.

Product: Car Insurance


Prevention is always better than cure but accidents sometimes occur, whether we like it or not.

Products: Smart Traveller, Personal Accident Insurance

Real Estate Tax Quezon City


Ease your worries and secure yourself and your family’s future. Protect yourself and your assets.

Products: Home, Condo Security, MySecurity, Property Insurance

Health Coverage

Reduce your financial vulnerability to sickness by preparing early for the unexpected. A health plan ensures you are financially prepared for your medical needs, so you can better focus on your recovery without hurting your family’s finances.

Products: Health Care Access, Health Max, Health Start, Health Start Lite, Global Health Access, MyLife Choice Health

Income Protection

Protect your family from financial burden in case of your untimely demise. Your insurance proceeds will take care of medical bills and taxes, and still provide for living expenses while recovering from loss.

Products: MyLifeChoice Protect, Life BasiX, Life BasiX Plus, FleXiProtect

Education Plans

We all have big dreams for our children and want them to have a successful life. Let’s help them meet their full potential. Start setting aside the money to finance their education. Plan ahead so you have more years to build your child’s college fund.

Product: MyLifeChoice Education


The success of your business is your success in life.

Keep yourself, your employees, your goods, equipment, and your customers are secured should anything happen. Our commercial line of products is designed to provide protection for your business.

Products: Business Security, Liability and Casualty, Engineering, Marine, Bonds

About Coach J

Joseph Santiago is a trusted licensed financial advisor of AXA and has been helping his clients find the best insurance product/s for their needs and financial goals. He is not only knowledgeable of the trends in the market, finance, and cryptocurrency but constantly challenges himself to know better. He believes that continuous learning about his field will greatly help him and his clients reach for their financial goals.

Coach J’s career outside of finance covers more than 15 years of supervisory and management experience in Human Resources from different industries, including BPOs and high-end hotels. On a personal note, he homeschools his three children with his wife, Kat.

For questions and a free consultation, you may reach Coach J at [email protected]