Hair-Cutting Through The Years

Hayaan mo na gusto niya magpagupit eh. Kapag malaki na yan, hindi na yan magpapagupit sa akin,” my husband said when I questioned our 5-year-old daughter’s decision to have her hair cut by her Papa. This scene reminded me that my father used to cut my hair until I was in college. The first time I went to a professional hair salon was during my college years. I think I was 17 that time.

Papa Was My Hairdresser

The only hairdresser I knew within 18 years was my father. From my very first haircut as a baby up to my teenage years, Papa cut my hair. I had no qualms about him doing my hair. I am not like other girls who were very particular with their mane. As long as my hair does not bother my line of sight, and it is acceptable to the catholic schools I attended, I was all good.

While in college though, I was hundreds of miles away from home. I had to take the courage to visit a hair salon on my own.

First Time Haircut at the Salon

I no longer can recall the exact date when I made my first trip to the hair salon. It was 1999, I think. I visited the salon on the second floor of Vega Mall at the Grove. There was an old lady that afternoon who was a client and she was so talkative. I thought to myself, “kelangan ko din ba chikahin ang tiga gupit?”

When it was my turn, the hairdresser asked me what kind of haircut do I want. I simply said, just cut it up, and motioned my hand up to what length.

I continued watching the old lady and after they serviced her, she gave the hairdresser tip.

Let me remind you that this was my first time entering a salon. I had no idea what to do. So when it was time to pay up, I also gave the hairdresser a tip of 50 pesos. Now, this was in 1999 and 50 pesos is a lot of money. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang iniisip ko nung time na yun at napaka galante ko naman mag abot ng 50 pesos! Hahaha! Nahihiya siguro ako nung time na yun kung bente lang iaabot ko. Feeling yayamanin! Haha!

As the years go by, I became more familiar with salon services. But I still don’t consider myself comfortable entering these establishments.

Hairstyles Through The Years

I liked short hairstyles in college up to my early years of working in the corporate world. By the time I was 23, I decided to grow it. Napagod na akong magmukhang tomboy. Hahahaha!

I had long hair for almost 15 years. Whenever I asked my firstborn if I should get short hair, he’d always say he wanted me to have long hair. So by the time he grew up and no longer cared about my hair, I cut my hair short.

But it was not easy maintaining it.

I was so used to just giving myself a mom bun every single day. And by changing to short hair, it also meant more maintenance. If I don’t take care of it, it would be flying everywhere and will soon look like a bird’s nest.

So here I am, with medium-length hair still wondering if I should have a pixie cut soon.

Quarantine living would also mean people won’t see me much. Should I get a pixie cut?

4 thoughts on “Hair-Cutting Through The Years

  1. Mitra Lyka

    Ako po nung bata ako si mama po ang taga gupit ng buhok ko. Hanggang sa ilalim ng tenga at bangs na hanggang kilay po lagi ang gupit ko pero nung mga lumaki na po ako pinahaba ko na po talaga siya kase sobrang straight at black na black po ang buhok ko.

  2. Tina Jove Torres

    Naku, 19 y/o ako nun.. Nong nagpunta akong Maynila.(unang byaheπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„)
    Rebond agad πŸ˜€


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