Hi there! I help women in their 30s and 40s find the balance between motherhood and personal development. Through coaching, we can be allies in achieving your goals as a woman, wife, and mother. – Coach Kat

My Story

Lost as a Wife and Mother

Before meeting my husband and becoming a mother, I had a wonderful and fulfilling career in the corporate world. My priorities shifted when being a wife and mother came into the picture. When my son turned 2 and his nanny left, I had to retire early and be a full-time mom. This was not a hard decision to do. I wanted to focus on home management and caring for my first ministry, our family. But things became difficult…

The first 3 months of being a full-time mom was a test of strength, patience, relationship, and personal validation.

Though I was caring for our son in between work before retirement, I didn’t know how much I did not understand or know him. I was clueless about his cues and toddler tantrums.

The husband’s work was cities away and usually comes home late at night and left before the first light of day. I was slowly disengaging from my husband. It was hard for me to understand my husband who I unconsciously ignored because I was overwhelmed with motherhood.

And in August 2013, I was shaken to my core when our son was hospitalized for a week. It gave me time to think over the things that had been going on in the last 3 months.

Your most valuable parenting skill is learning to manage yourself first.–Dr. Laura Markham

I was lost in motherhood because I was looking for validation if I was doing OK as a mother. Which also meant that I was ignoring my husband because I was too busy looking for my validation.

And it all boils from one thing: I didn’t think I was enough.

Three A’s: Awareness, Acceptance, Accountability

In the next weeks after our hospital staycation, I looked deep into myself to understand myself better. To be a better mother and wife, I had to be better as a person.

Once I became more aware of my needs, I was able to fulfill those. And when I was more loving to myself, my relationship with my husband and my role as a mother became better.

Since then my goal was to be aware of who I truly was as a woman and acknowledged all that is good and lacking about me. With acceptance, I was able to be more accountable to my life and the lives around me.

It’s A Journey

Every year is a journey to the transformation of one’s self. Our needs change every season and it is our goal to meet our needs and be the best versions of ourselves. Helping others has been my calling and with my blogs and coaching sessions, I hope to guide women in their journeys.

Coaching Women and Building Businesses

Transformation can be hard for anyone (including myself!) and we all need guidance and accountability partners along the way. Let me help you with your journey through one-on-one coaching sessions.

For some of my clients who are called to be entrepreneurs and coaches, I help them build their businesses without sacrificing their time with their families. As a full-time mom and entrepreneur, I understand the constant push and pull between career and motherhood.

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