Maximum Health Protection: My Birthday Gift to Myself

As we get older, we realize more that health and life insurances are not expenses. Rather are investments not only for oneself but more importantly for our family. This year as a birthday gift, I opted to choose a health and life insurance that gives me maximum health protection. AXA’s Health Max is my new ally.

When we buy a new cellphone or appliance, we ask how long is its warranty.

When we buy a house or car, we make sure we get insurance for our properties.

But how come when it comes to our own body, we think that insurances are expenses? Are we immortals? Don’t we get sick and grow old?

I learned about investing late in life. We were already married when we got our first VUL policies. If we were financially literate in our early 20s, I probably have gotten myself policies at an early age. However, we cannot go back to the past but we can do something today.

And a step today can make a big difference tomorrow.

Because of the pandemic, it has made me think that my HMO card is not enough to cover my expenses if something happens to me. HMO cards can only cover a maximum limit benefit. And on the days when I cannot work, I have nothing to rely on but our emergency funds to cover our daily expenses.

And frankly, with what has happened to our economy and work last year, I have just bounced back to rebuilding my emergency fund again.

I cannot afford to get sick. It will be too much for my finances. My health matters.

Health Max by AXA Philippines

Health Max from AXA Philippines is a perfect policy for my needs. It is health and life insurance. If I get sick or die, I am covered. Cash itong benefits, friends. Hindi tulad ng HMO card na ibabayad sa ospital.

Some may say, “but you can save your money in the bank instead.” Savings is important. But insurance can cover my expenses instead of me using my savings. Besides, I consider all my VULs, mutual funds, stocks, and insurances as my savings. To each his own, I guess. But I prefer them there with the companies. Not in my bank where I can easily withdraw through an ATM.

Here are some of the features of the AXA Health Max policy I got:

  • health coverage of up to age 100
  • 56 major critical conditions coverage (includes cancer, heart attack, etc.)
  • 18 minor critical conditions coverage
  • accumulated health funds (living benefits)
  • loanable funds
  • guaranteed cash benefits

Not only am I covered from sickness and diseases, but I can also withdraw my living benefits in the future.

Get Maximum Health Protection

Kung hindi ako magkasakit at mabuhay nang matagal, may mawi-withdraw ako sa policy ko na pwede ko gamiting pang-YOLO during my senior years, or pamana sa mga anak at apo.

Whether I get sick, die, or live long enough, the money I pay for my policy is well worth it. My policy coverage gives me cash benefits, but more importantly PEACE OF MIND.

If you’d like to know more about my policy, I can help you talk to my licensed financial advisor. Just email me at [email protected]

6 thoughts on “Maximum Health Protection: My Birthday Gift to Myself

  1. Lyka Mitra

    Gusto ko rin po talaga magkaroon ng insurance kaya sabi ko nga po kapag nagka work po ako kukuha talaga ako nito para sa future ng mga anak ko po kung maaga man po ako mawala sa mundo. Ayoko po maranasan nila yung naranasan ko po na wala man lang iniwan sa akin ang papa ko ng namatay at ang mama ko po wala rin kahit SSS man lang.

    1. Kat Santiago

      Yes mommy. Ang mga bata kasi ang kawawa kapag nawala tayo. At least kahit papaano ano man ang mangyari, kampante tayo. Pwede naman mommy mag start sa mga maliliit na insurance muna.

  2. karenjoie

    . maganda po talaga ang may insurace . hindi naman po kase naten alam kung ano ang mangyayare saten sa bawat araw na mag dadaan kaya much better po talaga na mas maaga ay magkaroon tayo ng insurance para naren sa ating pamilya . ❤

    1. Kat Santiago

      Tama po kayo diyan. Sana nga mas bata pa namin natutunan itong insurance, mas mura kasi ang premium na babayaran mo sa insurance kapag bata ka pa.

  3. Rose-Ann Obejas

    Napakalaking tulong ng insurance lalo na sa mga unexpected emergencies.Sa panahon natin ngayon mas maganda na ang handa para pagdating ng sakuna hindi ganun kabigat ang problema.Ito din ang isa sa mga pangarap ko na magkaroon ng insurance ang boung pamilya namin,in Gods perfect time magkakaroon kami nito..


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