Kat was a Human Resources Professional in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry where she directly reported to her manager in Illinois, USA. From Employee and Labor Relations and Recruitment to Organizational Development and Talent Management, Kat has been an important and valuable team member in HR. Prior to leaving office work, one of her projects was the development of leadership training programs for supervisors and managers.

Kat has proven initiative and ability to work with minimal supervision. She has excellent project management skills and has the ability to learn and champion new software, tools, and applications with minimal training.

Kat is a highly-motivated, self-directed worker who values the business of her clients and their relationship with their customers. Her attention to detail, business acumen, and innate curiosity to learn has supported her career. She continues to learn and hone her skills.

Kat currently does freelance work and continues to promote work-family balance.

Kat as a Homeschool Mom and Content Creator

As a writer and homeschool mom, she has written and created content that helps parents. She has her own Homeschool YouTube channel.

Below are articles Kat has written for websites as a contributor:

In 2019, Kat co-wrote and was the Managing Head of the e-book, “Nanay, Nanay, Paano Maging Isang Ina?” written by Filipina mommy bloggers. In the same year, she curated the Ultimate Menu Planner which was a hit with homemakers.


I have had the fortune to work with Kat (she was a direct report) for four years. Overall her performance was outstanding but there were a few stellar areas in which she excelled during her tenure:

  1. Thought leadership–she has the ability to reverse engineer from a “perfect-state” to the desired state and include the tactics and tools to arrive at the needed state
  2. Kat is able to develop long-term mutually relationships focuses on success
  3. Kat is able to motivate others through her presence and tenacity

Overall, Kat would be a stellar addition to any team.” – Darren Ferko, HR Director

“I had the opportunity to work with Kat on several projects and relied on her expertise in effectively communicating strategic messages to the organization. I found Kat to be very professional, creative, timely in her delivery, and deeply aware of how changes would be best received by the organization.” Patrick O’Hara, Senior Vice President

Kat would be a stellar addition to any team.

Darren Ferko, HR Director

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To work with Kat, please email [email protected]