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UNMASKED: Love Hope Faith Group is a Story of Gratefulness and Saving Lives

When we are asked to name someone that inspires us, we often list people who are older than us. When we were children, we admired our parents and teachers. In the corporate world, we admire our leaders and mentors. And aptly so, as with age comes experience and wisdom. However, there will be exceptionally gifted […]

3 Life Lessons Learned During Highschool

During the early and mid-90s, mobile phones were massive, expensive, and only adults owned these. Pagers were the main thing back then. My high school years were spent in the 90s. This meant we were the last generation of high school students who did not rely on mobile phones. We hung out, played patintero in […]

Friendship, Trust, Loyalty, and a Box of Chocolate Drink

This is a story about friendship, trust, loyalty, and a chocolate drink. Our story happened in a ladies’ dormitory for college students about 20 years ago. What transpired has made me realize a lot of things about people, and how we deal with everyday dramas. I will try to recall as much information as I […]