Eden Showcases the Power of a Mother’s Unconditional Love

Mothers have the power to give unconditional love. And in the recent Mother’s Day, Eden Cheese showcased this power through their campaign by breaking boundaries in the new film entitled, ‘Unconditional,’ directed by Carlos Palanca-Awardee, Antoinette Jadaone. I was able to attend the Eden Speaks – A Mother’s Day Forum and the film brought me to tears in the first few seconds.

Eden Advocates Universal Love

Motherhood today is embraced by eyes that hold various forms, shapes, and sizes. Understanding that each motherhood journey is distinctly unique from others poses an essential role in helping them thrive in each path they are on. Eden advocates for universal love and acceptance for all kinds of mothers.

To all flavors.

Eden cheese is a brand that has been celebrating moms from all walks of life and their role in bringing families together for the last 36 years. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to shed light on a silent reality in the Philippines. And how important unconditional love and parental support plays in fostering acceptance and empathy for each unique motherhood experience. We want to empower and unite moms. To share their personal stories about their own journey, and to showcase how we are one with them in embracing all flavors of motherhood, even in the most difficult of situations,” said Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager.

We believe that by uniting moms from different walks of life, all flavors of mothers can be inspired by the different savor-worthy ways to bring the family together.

Eden Speaks – A Mother’s Day Forum

The event was hosted by Issa Litton. Special guest speakers were Bettina Carlos-Eduardo, a Mompreneur, content creator, and author; Techie Dy, Consultant of RMT-Cefam, Ateneo, and is a Ph.D. Candidate of Clinical Psychology from the University of the Philippines; and Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager.

For the past four decades, Eden has been a trusted ally of moms for providing delicious meals for her family. The event affixed the brand’s commitment to being an ally in all aspects and facets of her life. For Eden, this translates to empowering the diverse Filipino motherhood journeys, not just single moms, through celebrating their unique and evolving roles amidst today’s ever-changing world.

Bettina Shares Struggles of a Being a Single Mom

During the event, Bettina Carlos-Eduardo shared, “There were times when Gummy was growing up, that I felt it was all just me. I am to work and I am to watch after her, which is the life mindset of a typical single mom. The load lightened when I found my source of personal salvation and started to have a community of other parents.”

Of course, I still had my mom and grandmother who would look after Gummy when I had to work. But inevitably there were several overwhelming situations that would make me ask myself – ‘how am I going to do all these things alone?’ There are only 24hrs in a day and yet a gazillion things to do! Life didn’t come with a manual for parenting, especially for solo parents.”

I resonate with Bettina on this when I became a first-time mom more than 10 years ago. Nangangapa ka talaga. The resources were limited. And the information you get from people around you later on you will learn was not good advice.

Bettina was a single mom for a decade. She is now happily married.

I appreciate how Eden is so courageous to speak up about and open this conversation. Acknowledging the many challenges of solo parents that people don’t often talk about. Just as there are many savor-worthy ways to bond with your family by cooking in the kitchen with Eden, there are also many ways to showcase support for different kinds of moms in the simplest way we know how,” she added.

Unconditional: A Film About Love and Acceptance

The event culminated with an exclusive preview of the Eden Mother’s Day film by multi-award-winning director, Antoinette Jadaone. The film sheds light on the plight of moms that may lack support. It is a topic often not discussed but is quite familiar to us all. It is important as it plays an integral role in nurturing the light of our homes. The film emboldens how unconditional love and acceptance empower single moms and moms from all walks of life. This Mother’s Day and beyond, the brand aims to unite moms and support them. So they can create many savor-worthy moments to nurture stronger family connections.

Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/EdenCheesePH/videos/756654218216325

The film clearly captured the power of a mother’s unconditional love. The subtle cues, the actions of the characters, the cinematography will bring anyone to tears.

Let’s show your support for all single moms and for all the different kinds of amazing moms with the hashtag #EdenSpeaksPH

To know more, visit https://web.facebook.com/EdenCheesePH/ and check out #EdenSpeaksPH.

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