Salo Lechon Belly Review

Any Filipino occasion calls for a roast pig, but for a small family like ours, getting a whole pig is not ideal. Lechon belly is a sought-after alternative. Now that we are on a community quarantine, delivery is a viable option. Salo Lechon is a restaurant available at SM malls in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We were able to try their online ordering and delivery and here I would like to share my Salo Lechon Belly review.

Lechon belly

Salo Lechon Restaurant

We can do Salobrations now at home through their text ordering and delivery. It is very easy to order. We texted the hotline for Metro Manila, and got a response a few minutes later. We followed and texted the order form including the date and time of delivery. Informed that malls open at 10am, I adjusted my delivery time to 11:30AM.

Their menu and prices are available on their Facebook page.

There are two modes of payment, COD and bank transfer. For my birthday last week, I ordered 6 days before the delivery date and paid via BDO bank transfer. After that, I sent via Viber the photo of the payment I made. They confirmed my payment right away.

Salo lechon belly
My first delivery of Salo Lechon Belly last December 2020

I asked them what was the lead time to order and they said at least a day before delivery. However their Facebook page says that same day delivery is available.

By the way, I paid 60 pesos for the flat delivery fee. Free delivery for orders worth 1500 pesos and above.

Delivery Day

Before the time of delivery, Salo texted me that the rider was already on the way.

Salo packed the food properly. My first delivery included soups, and nothing was spilled! I appreciated the time and effort they did to pack all items properly. Even the paper bag was clean.

Salo lechon belly kitchen
Delivery this month for my birthday
Salon Lechon Belly
Last December’s feast for our wedding anniversary

Lechon Belly

Where do I begin?

Their lechon belly tastes really good! The skin is very crispy on the outside. And the meat inside is very tasty to the last thread of meat. Be careful though ’cause it has peppercorns.

Salo Lechon Belly
Full roll lechon belly. See that crispy balat?
salo lechon belly

Our family enjoyed the lechon belly so much. It is the reason why we had another Salobration for my birthday this month!

The full roll lechon belly last December was approximately 4 kilos. While the large size we ordered last week was approximately 1 kilo. The 1 kilo lechon can feed up to 5 people.

Large lechon belly and Lechon Belly Sisig. Worth Php1,469 including the flat 60 pesos delivery fee

Tip: Don’t place your lechon belly inside the fridge to maintain its crispiness. We just contained it in a clear plastic microwaveable and left at room temperature. The skin was still crispy the next day. Hindi napanis.

Another favorite of mine at Salo is their Lechon Belly Sisig. Super sarap! Not the usual sisig you eat, this one’s laman talaga.

Sisig my love

Overall, we are satisfied with the food and customer service of Salo Lechon Belly Kitchen. I bet we will be ordering again on our next Salobrations.

Salo Lechon Belly Kitchen:

12 thoughts on “Salo Lechon Belly Review

  1. Lyka Mitra

    Wow. Mukhang masarap nga po ang Lechon Belly po nila at ang favorite ko po ang Sisig. Gusto ko rin po ma try itong mga foods po nila kase mukhang masasarap po talaga..

  2. Winnie L Cruz

    Natakam po ako dito mommy dati rin po kada pasko or new year naglilitson po kame kaso nag karoon po nang virus ang mga baboy po kaya na i stop po ung piggery namin bawat po mag kakapatid nang mr ko may mga alaga po share lang po..

    1. Kat Santiago Post author

      Oh sorry to hear that. Oo nga ang tindi naging effect ng virus sa piggeries. I hope na maging better soon.

  3. Rose-Ann Obejas

    Natakam ako sa Lechon Belly Ma😍 Ang crispy niya at siguradong masarap ito.Ang saya mag bonding salo salo ang boung pamilya.

  4. Vivian lazo

    Ang sulit nito mommy lahat ng favorite pilipino dish na handa andito lalo na ang lechon super perfect lag may occasion to, akala ko mahal budget friendly din pla at not bad for delivery charge mininum 1500 talgang sulit at pasok sa budget

    1. Kat Santiago Post author

      Yes mura na siya kasi yung large size nila kaya up to 5 people. Kapag umabot ka 1500 free delivery na, kung hindi naman mura pa din ang 60 pesos delivery charge.

  5. Rose-Ann Obejas

    Nakakatakam naman ito Mommy Kat,worth it lahat kasi mukhang masasarap yung pagkain nila..Less hassle na din kasi we can buy tru online.


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