Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifiers: Essential in the New Normal

We all have moved to a new way of living called “The New Normal.” And in these changes, Sharp is our essential health partner. Sharp products are designed to provide us with clean air and safe living spaces. Now that work dynamics are returning to offices and children will be back to face-to-face classes, having a flexible health partner is a requisite. As a parent, I want my family protected both indoors and outdoors. Experience clean air at home, office, school, and even inside our vehicles. Get the Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier products that will make life safer and more comfortable.

Sharp patented Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology, revolutionary health essential for every Filipino. Equipped in all of their Air Purifier products, this technology serves numerous benefits such as it generates positive and negative ions released in large volumes in the air. These, in turn, deactivate up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. In addition, it eliminates unpleasant odors, moisturizes the skin, and reduces static electricity.

More than just creating a safe space for its customers, Sharp aims to improve the lives of Filipinos. It plans to provide reliable essential that suits a variety of lifestyle. From providing the best comfort at home to on-the-go protection in the office. Whether at school or during the daily commute, or dining with friends. And even with outdoor activities and a long drive in the car. Sharp creates a worry-free environment whether it be in enclosed spaces or outside the home.

Reasons why Sharp will be your next essential health partner in the new normal:

Provides safe air at home

Tower Type Air Purifier (FU-NC01-W)

Sharp will be releasing its latest product, the Tower Type Air Purifier (FU-NC01-W). With its portability and classic design, it can fit anywhere in your home or office. This will surely add class to your interior design while providing clean and safe air. It has deodorization, pre-filter, dust filter, and humidifying features providing overall protection.

Creates safe space inside the car

Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Car

Make your car a safe space with the new Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Car (IG-NX2E-W/B/A). Equipped with PCI Technology, this model emits high-density ions of 90,000 ions/cm3 leaving your car fresh and free from bacteria from the outside. It has a 2-port USB Car Adapter for more convenient usage.

Three (3) varieties of colors to choose from (Pearl White, Mint Blue, Titanium Black) that will surely match your car interiors.

Provides on-the-go protection

Plasmacluster Ion Generator Wearable Device (IG-NM1-W)

Going out may expose you to viruses and bacteria, but this new Plasmacluster Ion Generator Wearable Device (IG-NM1-W) got you covered anytime, anywhere. With its innovative and classy design, it will surely provide you with the best health protection while keeping your outfit at its best look. This model emits high-density ions of 25,000 ions/cm3 and has a 2-Port USB Car Adapter that can also charge some gadgets that uses USB Cable. Its portability will surely bring comfort to the next level with its multipurpose use for desktops or as a wearable (Plus, it comes with a classic neck strap that is outfit friendly).

Continuous Development

Sharp’s revolutionary technology, provides essential solutions to your daily needs. Committed to providing comfort to its customers, Sharp came up with brilliant and innovative products. These will help you stay comfortable in any season, any time, and at any location.

Sharp will continue to expand and develop its products with the application of Plasmacluster Ion Technology. With its goal of providing convenience, protection, and a safe space to its customers, Sharp redefines life in the new normal. It serves as a flexible health partner to every Filipino.

The new models are now available at leading stores nationwide including Lazada and Shopee. For more information, please visit their

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