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Episode 1 on Spotify and Google Podcast

2022 Facebook Live Podcast Episodes

11Less to be More01/21/2022
12Victim Mindset1/28/2022
13Let’s Talk About Sex in Marriage2/11/2022

2021 Podcast Episodes

1Who is your authentic self?10/01/2021
2Should a mom still dream?10/11/2021
3Anxiety Attacks10/15/2021
4It’s Not Too Late to Dream10/22/2021
5What is the Law of Attraction?11/5/2021
6How to Apply the Law of Attraction P111/12/2021
7How to Apply the Law of Attraction P211/19/2021
8Best Law of Attraction Techniques11/26/2021
9Toxic Relationships this Holiday12/3/2021
10Create a Vision Board with Me12/10/2021

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