Disaster Preparedness for Sustainability

The geolocation of the Philippines has made it a calamity-prone area and vulnerable to disasters. According to the World Risk Report of the World Economic Forum in 2018, the Philippines placed third among all the highest-risk countries worldwide. Hence Disaster preparedness is important to be part of your plans. In 2020, Taal Volcano’s last eruption […]

Aisin Philippines Announced New Marketing Campaign

Aisin, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality automotive equipment parts, has unveiled its new marketing campaign. Aisin continues its successful collaboration with brilliant innovators who help the company provide state-of-the-art and sustainable mobility solutions for the market. Who is Aisin? Aisin was founded in 1965 in Aichi, Japan, and has now expanded its reach throughout […]

SHARP Health Essentials to Buy this Christmas

With Christmas coming soon, we are all feeling the holiday vibes. The Philippines spends the longest Christmas holiday in the world and everyone is just hyped to get together and spend more time with families and friends. Even though the alert level has been made lower by the government, the public is still on high […]