Manifest Your Dreams

If you haven’t listened to my live podcast yet, then you are missing a lot. Last month, I dedicated four episodes of the live podcast for the discussion of the law of attraction. Though a lot of mommies in the Philippines have heard about the law of attraction, only a few understood how they can manifest their dreams and get the reality they want. Hence in the episodes, it was my intent to explain it step by step and as simple as I could.

Episode 5: Knowing What the Law of Attraction Is

People have thought that just mere thinking of what you want for your life is enough to manifest your dreams. It takes more than that. It is important for us to understand the science behind this law. The law of attraction is the law of vibration. Everything around is vibrating, even us, and in order to achieve the reality we want, we need to vibrate on the same frequency as that dream we are aiming for.

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Episode 6: Affirmation and Visualization

Visualization and affirmation are two law of attraction techniques that are popular. Along with the creation of visual cues and vision boards, manifesting our dreams become faster and easier with this technique.

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Episode 7: Scripting and Meditation

Our subconscious mind holds the key to manifesting our dreams. Growing up, we have beliefs that are not obvious on the surface. And those beliefs can resistance to us in attracting the reality we want. Through mediation, we can rewrite our brains and feed our subconscious mind with new ideas that will help us vibrate into the frequency of what we desire.

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Episode 8: Gratitude as the Best Technique

For the last episode of the law of attraction series, I discussed the most powerful technique to manifest our dreams: gratitude. Time and time again we are reminded by God that the more we are grateful to our current situation, the more we receive blessings and abundance.

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We are the creators of our lives. If we can fully understand that everything happens for us and that we have the ability to shape our reality, then there will be less drama and suffering in this world. Let’s spread joy and positivity.

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