Live on Spotify and Google Podcasts

It took me a lot of courage to finally place my podcast on platforms other than my Facebook page. Thus when I was able to set up my podcast channel on Spotify and Google Podcasts, I was elated.

I kept asking myself: who am I to have a podcast channel?

The world already has a lot of people who can speak their minds, who can move and create change.

I kept doubting what I have to offer to the world. But a little voice inside me told me that I am a child of God. In the grand scheme of things, I am a seed that needs to be planted. God will place me to where I can fully grow and be of service.

As to how I keep moving forward with my blogs, I believe that if I can touch even just 1 person on what I said, shared, or believed in, I have made a difference.

And this is my goal: to learn and re-learn. Even if it takes me every single day to remind myself that I am good enough, I will. Because this is what matters most. To learn and re-learn.

I have a voice that I can share with this world, how small it may seem.

You can listen to my channel on Spotify and Google Podcasts, just visit

As of writing: I am editing FB live editions to upload in the channels.

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